Boglands, Gorteen, Daingean, Offaly

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at present.

There are plenty of Lifejackets of various sizes.

The showers are included. They are not pay showers.

You can. The Grand Canal Greenway is a perfect route to us.

Yes. The closest supermarkets are in Tullamore, Edenderry, Portarlington and Mullingar. There is a shop in the local village which is a 5 minute drive, or a 20 minute cycle down the Grand Canal Greenway.

No. All bedding is supplied.

No. Towels are supplied.

We do not supply soaps, toothpaste or shampoo etc. These are a personal thing and everyone has their own preference. Please bring your own.

No. We are servicing the site between 11am and 3pm.

Check in from 3pm until 7pm. Later by arrangement only. Check out at 11am.

Not usually as we are busy cleaning and servicing. It all depends on how busy we are. Just ask on the day. If you do get to use them you have to have them back on site by 3pm at the very latest.

We have light poundage bows so they have minimal power. It is all just a bit of fun. We also have two targets, and plenty of arrows. You can learn the basics quite quickly with practise and perseverance. It is a rather satisfying feeling whe you strike the target near the centre.

The pizza oven can be used for lunch or dinner. It needs a few hours to get to temperature so you need to let us know well in advance if you intend on cooking in it.

Pizza. Very thin base pizza is the best. Also you can cook meat, vegetables and bread. Anything, really. It is all about getting the temperature right.

Warm clothing is a must. If you are well wrapped up you can sit around the campfire till the early hours, or on your deck or patio, or on one of the many other searing areas around the Glamping site. The only heated buildings are the sleeping accommodations.

The Grand Canal is about as safe of a place as there ever could be for kayaking as it is always flat, calm and there are no tides or strong currents. Only the wind can make you life difficult if you have to paddle into a headwind. But saying all of that, if you are not confident that you will feel safe, or satisfied with your kayaking abilities then we advise against going kayaking. We accept no liability for anything that may happen. We do not offer lessons.

We like to keep everything calm, quiet and as serene as possible. This is, of course, an aspiration. You can have a laugh and a wee sing-song at the campfire but, after 11pm, quiet must ensue. Please do not bring radios, speakers or any other electronic music devices. Guests come to us for the relaxation, the peace, and the quiet.

The bikes are available at all times. Just take them and enjoy your cycling. Please check the bikes before you leave to ensure they are in a serviceable condition. We keep an eye on them but it is better to be extra cautious.

Yes. There are electric heaters in all of the yurts and cabins. Electric blankets are on all of the beds, too.

No. The only oven we have is the wood-fired piiza oven. We have grills/BBQ’s, gas hobs, and a microwave. Cooking on the grills/BBQ’s is the most easiest and tastiest option. Bring BBQ food and thin based pizza. We usually buy Tortilla wraps and use them for pizza bases. The cook real fast and taste great all piled with toppings. Maybe you could give home-made pizza dough a try?

No, sorry. We are an adults only site.

Yes. All buildings have sockets.

No, but you are welcome to bring your own.

We have tea, coffee, milk and sugar in the outdoor kitchen. There is everything you need to cook etc apart from an oven.

Relax, unwind, read a book, take a walk, a cycle, a kayak, fire a few arrows, go bird watching, tour the local area, do some photography, go further afield, do the tourist thing, go fishing (we don’t supply fishing equipment), paint a masterpiece or write a poem. Or you can sit and watch the chickens. Then there are the pubs in the adjacent village. You can cycle or walk down then mingle with the locals.

Things happen. If you are running late please keep us informed with your progress. We like to be able to relax in the evenings too, and being in the dark as to when you may arrive is not very relaxing at all. We will be here to meet and greet you whatever time you may end up getting here. If you are running late then please don’t rush. It is better that you get here safe and sound. Just keep us in the loop.

There is plenty of parking just 1 minute walk from the accommodation. Everything is close.

There will be other couples only.

No. There are gravel paths and wood boardwalks around the site. But you can still bring them as they are nice to wear. 

We have a camp fire here and it is set alight every evening.

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